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Recorded winter 2009 in Brown County, IN

Wages of Fear-
Kicking off things with a remake of the first song we ever recorded (originally called "Nothing", then changed to "Glass Candy"). Often used to open basement shows and halloween events. Staple SP tune.

Bite Plate-
A semi-pop song that gained exclusive recognition during soundchecks around the USA. Not much to this one.

Magic Lantern-
Only played live once, this is one of those rarities that didn't make the cut but generated character by sitting on the bench.

Nothin To Do-
As close to Sonic Youth as we could get without breaking out in hives (it can happen), this song proved to be a sign that we could write a decent tune every once in a while

Where do we go
When there's nothin to do
She had a bad idea
Something horribly true
Will she ever?

Tried to straighten her out
And she threw a fit
Will she ever?

Off the side of the road
Said the governor told her so
She tried to warn
She was never near
When there was nothin to do

Showed up at the door
Asked for something new
Said she was tired
Tired of nothing to do
Will she ever?

She hates herself
She's got nothin to do
Will she ever?

She had enough
Of boring stuff
It was insane, it was hers
She tried to quit
Doing stupid shit
It was insane
It was in her veins
Will she ever?

Never Again-
The one and only SP POP BALLAD. Throw it on at the prom you never went to. This song actually is something to write home about. Someday it will tug on the heartstrings of a kid who didn't know he liked girls OR Joy Division. Congratulations future millennial.

Brave Soul-
A very unpopular SP tune. Remember playing this maybe once live and never revisiting it. Somehow the drumming in the chorus is dope. Kinda weird all around.

No Shadow-
Very fun and original stagnant pools song played often at live events. Something to keep the blood pumping while you watch the world around you go up in flames.

Violet Light-
Pop rock? - original title “You’re Not Invited”

Real Lies-
"I don't know where it starts, but I know where it ends"

Closing out the album with the title track. The song ends in a loop of chaos and sine waves that makes you wonder why you listened to the whole thing in the first place. It's all very meta. This song was really fun to close out sets with. It will always be my favorite SP tune.


released January 24, 2017

Bryan Enas: guitars, vocals, poetry
Douglass Enas: drums, rhythms, sonic fluidity



all rights reserved


Stagnant Pools Bloomington, Indiana

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